Hitting a Home Run

  The Joplin Eagle baseball team had a rare opportunity when they were allowed to play at the Kauffman Stadium.

  On April 18, 2019, The varsity JHS baseball team went to the home of the Kansas City Royals to play a game against Cabrillo High School from California. The JHS team won 8-3.

  “We got a once in a lifetime experience as well as a huge win over a team that traveled from California,” said Luke Benfield, varsity catcher and junior.

  The game was announced to the team early on this year as proposed by Danny Duffy, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals. Duffy had visited Joplin to assist in tornado recovery in 2011, which inspired him to invite the high school’s varsity baseball team to play a game on the Kauffman Stadium field.

  “It was such a big deal to win that game because we have been looking forward to it all year,” said Grant Jones, shortstop and pitcher to the JHS varsity team. “Playing [a team] from so far away and getting to represent the state of Missouri was just surreal.”


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